Investors, Invest.

PAMM Manager, Trade.

Choose one of the above and create your own unlimited income.

PAMM Program

by MFM Securities

Our PAMM program is an investment system that entitles anyone including you to invest without having to trade.

Why trade yourselves when you can let an expert trade for you!

PAMM Manager

Be a PAMM Manager with us and you can set your own ‘Manager Fee’ – your reward for making profits to the Investors.

PAMM Investor

Choose your own preferred PAMM Managers available in our portfolios and invest with them now!

Get to know our  PAMM Program


PAMM Manager opens a PAMM Account and allocates a certain fund as a start.


Profits generated are also divided among Investors based on the Current Shares owned by the Investor.


When the PAMM Manager successfully generates profit through investments deposited by Investors, the PAMM Manager will receive a reward/‘Manager Fee’ as agreed by the Investors prior making an investment with the PAMM Manager.


Investors can now choose to invest with their own preferred PAMM Manager based on portfolios available who match their investment goals.

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